Solar PV Power Systems For Home & Business

A solar power system will capture the free energy produced by the sun and convert it to electricity that can be used to power your home, factory, or business.

It’s that simple! And the benefits are obvious:

  • Save money
  • Eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Once installed, it’s virtually free!

Solar Power Systems InstallationSolar Power Systems Installation

The team at Down To Earth Electrical Services are registered installers of the latest state-of-art solar power systems. Give us a call and we will visit your home or commercial premise to give expert advice and a free comprehensive Return on Investment Report. We will show you how much a Solar PV Power System will cost and how much power your home or business could save – your Solar Power System will pay for itself in no time!

Our qualified team of fully accredited electricians guarantee the highest quality workmanship to comply with all New Zealand regulations.

We can install three types of solar power system:

Off-grid or standalone solar power systems

Off-grid solar power systems can be installed with batteries that store the solar generated power for use during the night time or after bad weather. This is a great option for houses, baches or communities that are not connected to the national grid and are in need of use of energy. The cost of the batteries tend to make these systems more expensive when compared to traditional grid connected systems and are a good option for rural and remote area with the national grid is not available.

Grid connected solar power systems

Grid connected solar power systems feed power back into the grid when you have an abundance of power, and draw power from the grid when you require it. The initial outlay is greater, but you can recoup some of the cost by feeding your excess electricity back into the national grid.

Hybrid Solar power systems with battery storage

Hybrid solar power systems are installed with batteries that store the solar generated power incoming from the solar panels during daylight hours and have the ability of making use of this storage during the night time, bad weather conditions or when additional electricity is required during daytime hours. These systems have the advantage of interacting with the national grid or with its battery storage unit. The hybrid systems might seem initially more expensive due to their battery storage unit however they are becoming more common and a good option for homes and businesses that are in need of complementary power requirements.

Commercial Solar Power SystemsCommercial Solar Power Systems

At Down To Earth Electrical Services we offer small to large size commercial solar power solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of your business.

Using solar generated electricity to power your business makes sense.  Alongside the cost savings, it gives your commercial enterprise the opportunity to capitalise on non-revenue generating areas, such as a large rooftop or open land area with a commercial solar energy system.  It also gives you the opportunity to enhance your brand’s credibility by legitimately promoting it as eco-friendly.

Small businesses like kindergartens or retirement villages through to larger factories or even entire communities can make significant power bill savings with a commercial solar power system.

Contact us for a free comprehensive Return on Investment Report for your business.

Residential or Domestic Solar Power SystemsResidential or Domestic Solar Power Systems

Homeowners who invest in a residential solar power system discover significant financial and environmental rewards from reducing their electricity bills and carbon footprint while adding to the capital value of their home.

A residential solar power system is easy to install in both new and existing homes, and housing estates.  It makes sense; a properly designed system could save you up to 75% of your current energy bill.

Contact us for a free comprehensive Return on Investment Report for your home.